2011 / Alternative Energy Educational Resources offers educational resources related to alternative energies for students and teachers. I worked with this organization during the Spring semester of 2011 to satisfy a community outreach class I was taking at the time. I programmed a user interface like the one seen on my Dante's Inferno website. The intent was that teachers would be able to comment and share information with other teachers about the AEER website resources, thus giving them a better understanding of what works best in the classroom. Unfortunately, the JMU servers that host AEER do not support PHP so we are in the process of figuring out alternative ways to accomplish this system.

Things I Liked:

  • Taking their old website and tuning it to better present the information on the pages (such as navigation consolidation and information display)
  • Figuring out ways to streamline upcoming events, one solution was using Google Calendar and RSS feeds to eliminate manual updating of the website.

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