St. James's

2008 / St. James's hired me as their web master to update, create, and edit pages on their pre-existing web site. I implemented a variety of new pages that allowed perish members to more easily submit and find information.

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Things I Liked:

  • Managing/organizing this 100+ page website, ultimately making it more useful to perish members
  • Taking the preexisting site and analyzing areas that could be modified to increase usability
  • Implementing a PHP Sermon Archive was a fun project that allowed preachers to post sermons to a MySQL database instead of sending them to the webmaster every week

Relevant PHP Sample Files:


  • MySQL Database to store weekly sermons
  • PHP submit forms to eliminate paper forms
  • Dreamweaver Template file to make the site uniform
  • PHP page to search the Sermon database for certain variables
  • Weekly podcast updates through XML