Wish U Were Here .org

2007 / The Wish You Were Here Foundation was created to raise awareness about speed related crashes. I was hired to develop a website for them that allowed visitors to post messages and songs to the website. It is quite simple, but utilizes the basic functions of PHP and MySQL.

Click here to view the website

Things I Liked:

  • I liked the simplicity of design, which I think is always an important factor when designing websites.
  • Along the lines of simplicity, it was nice using only the essential PHP/MySQL functions without adding all the bells and whistles

Relevant PHP Sample Files:

  • wuwh/postmessage.php - form to input the new message to post
  • wuwh/messages.php - connects to MySQL database and displays messages in the Message table
  • wuwh/post.php - posts a message to the MySQL comments table and emails the post to the web admin for review


  • MySQL Database to store and post messages to
  • PHP message board
  • Simple Design
  • Database login: